Festival Schedule

Friday 14th May

7.00am Stitching for Wellbeing Stitch Meditation Zoom - more info & to book tickets HERE

10.00am Introduction to Stitching for Wellbeing theme on our Facebook page 

10.15am Introduction to Heritage Stitching theme on our Facebook page

10.45am A Stitched Conversation activity on our Facebook page

11.00am A Cuppa & Presentation from our charity - The Butterfly Tree on our Facebook page

11.15am Book Review - on our blog HERE

11.15am Heritage Stitching Zoom - further details & to book ticket HERE

11.30am Heritage Stitching - Suffolk Puffs tutorial available HERE

1.00pm Heritage Stitching - Knitting vlog available HERE

1.30pm Stitching with Friends - Member Story Hazel Stenhouse available HERE

2.00pm Stitching for Wellbeing - Illustrated Talk on zoom - more info & tickets available HERE

3.30pm Stitching with Friends - the work of Paula McGregor slideshow available on our Facebook page

8.00pm Stitching for Wellbeing - Stitch Meditation on Zoom - more info & to book tickets HERE

Butterfly Patterns available HERE

Created by Fiona Doubleday Copyrighted 2020

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