At Stitched Stories we come together from time to time to exhibit work.  In 2020 members from the Isle of Arran and West Kilbride in Scotland came together to exhibit their postcard journeys.  

The West Kilbride members took the postcard challenge into a range of media but the Arran members all 'stitched' their postcards. The exhibition was at the Barony Centre in West Kilbride.  West Kilbride is a designated Craft Town.  


In the summer of 2021 some members came together to create a stitched conversation between their own wellbeing and that of the planet.  Responding to an open call from Season for Change our members have stitched panels to add their creative voices ahead of #cop26 . We are delighted to be able to share these panels HERE as well as a collage of smaller extracts from the panels and a free downloadable E-book that places the work in its broader context.  You can view the #slowsummerstitch exhibition HERE.  

Coming Soon

In 2020 some members began a Stitched Conversation. You can read about the project HERE.  Our conversation is now complete and we are thrilled to be able to share both real and virtual exhibitions of this wonderful project very soon.