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Be part of the Season for Change movement in time for the Climate Change Convention in Glasgow November 2021


 Slow Summer Stitching Project - A conversation with wellbeing 


The focus of this creative exercise is change over time.  The work moves from left to right as time passes.  The subject matter is a conversation between our own wellbeing and that of the planet.


It is a series of small works that fit together to make a stitched narrative.  The idea is to support the development of a personal stitching practice by stitching most days or as regularly as possible.  Allowing this piece to become part of your day and, therefore, habitual.  Short, frequent sessions are better than longer, fewer sessions.   


Using stitch as a language to explore the relationship between our own wellbeing and that of the planet.  The symbiotic relationship between the health of the planet and our own health gives us a subject matter that will, inevitably, lead to original interpretations.  Beyond that, it will also give permission for a personal account of our relationship with the planet.  Climate change has shifted so much and the human race needs to acknowledge the part it has played in this and be prepared to change.  Our textile narratives use stitch as a way to communicate the change we need to see.  On the left of the work is the current situation and, as the work moves towards the right, it reflects the change we need to see offering us a new future.  Woven within, is an understanding of the importance of our own wellbeing.  


The advice would be to choose a specific aspect of the consequence of climate change that you feel particularly connected with.  Each piece is unique and can draw on techniques that ‘speak to’ the stitcher.  We are using the term ‘stitch' loosely to include things such as weaving, knitting and felting etc.  Aim to complete the project by hand rather than machine.  


The panel should be approximately 24 x 14 (landscape) inches and the base any fabric.  We use what we have already, resisting the temptation to buy new.    Once the panel is completed send a photo to the following email for it to be included in our climate change gallery for Season for Change. 

earththreadsuk@gmail.com Deadline for receipt of photos is end of September 2021.


We would advise keeping a photographic record of each stitched section as a lovely record to look back on.  We will be scheduling drop in zooms for folk to join with a cuppa and bring their stitching.  We can support each other through the summer.  These will be scheduled soon and dates will be available on this page and also on our Facebook page.  


If you would like to download this project just click on the pdf icon in the sidebar.  

We look forward to stitching along with you.