In January many of us worked away on a wee challenge in our group page, one stitch at a time. We made textile collages inspired the concept of hope. We shared them and a couple of members acted as judges and choose they favourite and that person was given a wee prize. One person didn't get to share hers and that was deliberate.

Let me introduce you to Hope. She is the daughter of Claire who is a longstanding member of Stitched Stories and also owns the very wonderful Hope Jacare textile company. Hope is 13 years old and already a wonderful textile artist. I held Hope's collage back so that I could share it here and to be sure she also got a prize. Here is her wonderful collage -

I asked Hope what her piece was about and she said 'the hope that everyone can be accepted for who they are.' What an incredible thing to want to say at such a young age. Hope clearly recognises that we have a way to go before this will be achieved but with young people like her in the world it is entirely possible that this will become a reality.

Hope went on to say 'the background is needle felted using hand dyed wool and sparkles nylon. The letters made with polymer clay then semi precious stones hand sewn to edges.' When I asked Hope why she thought it was important for young people to learn creative skills she said -

'I think it's an important skill to learn so that you can then create more of your own ideas. Also something that you would enjoy doing all your life.'

I am sure the entire community will join me in congratulating Hope on a wonderful piece of work. Thank you Hope for your invaluable contribution.

Now it is our turn......

Let us take Hope's message forward. Let us reach out to folk new to stitching and pass on our skills so they too can learn the joy of stitching. Talk to people about Hope's message and share this blog, but there is more.....

If each of us could share our 'passing on stitching' results with pictures of work produced, stitches being practiced, materials being gathered and tea and laughter we could put them on the Stitched Stories Instagram page and tag it 'stitch4hope'. Let us get the message out there that supporting other people in their stitching journey is a joyful gift. Set up your zoom or FaceTime calls and get sharing. if you are not on Instagram pop it on the Stitched Stories Facebook page or in our group page one stitch at a time but remember to use the tag 'stitch4hope.'

There are lots of folk out there that don't know how to stitch or just need a wee nudge. Stitched Stories is all about sharing so we should be good at this. At such a challenging time this has to be a good thing to do. Post as many times as you like but keep posting stitch4hope - thank you

Thank you Hope for inspiring us! xx

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