Stitch Meditation

What is it? This is the most common question I get asked so I thought I would give a brief explanation. However, to really understand it you need to experience it so I am hoping you might download my free tutorial, A stitched initial, in the Stitched Stories Academy.

Stitch meditation brings two worlds into one place - stitching and meditating. They are intrinsically linked if we follow the mantras of the slow stitching movement. That encourages us to be present in the moments of stitching and to be mindful of the experience we are having. We borrow those elements as gateways into stitch meditation. However, stitch meditation is more than mindful or slow stitching. Meditation is more than mindfulness. Meditation is a practice capable to calming the mind with a sense of stillness. It is also a practice capable to reaching into deeper parts of our mind and retrieving useful experiences that we may have forgotten or not been able to make sense of in our conscious minds. Our subconscious and unconscious minds are really interesting places but we do not access them easily. For me, meditation has the power to create bridges between our conscious and subconscious minds and, for very experienced meditators, our unconscious minds. I like to think of it as ripples in a pool. The more the ripples move towards the edge the deeper we are travelling in our minds.

Meditation is a skill and takes considerable time to develop. In fact, it is a life long learning experience, a little bit like stitching. My stitch meditation practice is about using stitch as a gateway to meditation. Some people find learning to meditate challenging. I have found that using stitching as a gateway offers us a way in and, once in, we can progress more quickly and with some confidence. Meditation is a personal journey but I also believe stitching is something close to our hearts. I would, naturally, put them in a similar space in my mind so bringing them together offers us much.

In my practice I work with stitching exercises that enable us to quieten our minds helping to rid them of the 'white noise' of the modern world. Some folk find that their minds run away from them, other folk find that they overthink things and some folk even find that they suffer from anxiety. All of these are examples of our minds being out of tune with our wellbeing. My job is to support our pursuit of wellbeing by encouraging stitching journeys that lead to replenishment, recovery and healing of our anxious minds. It is a journey though and not a quick one. In fact, there is no quick fix. But, over time, we can train our minds to do what they need to do to aid our own personal wellbeing.

In 2020 face-to-face meditation consultations and classes became impossible so I used that time to finally bring my two worlds into one space. Now the emphasis is on online opportunities through tutorials, courses and zoom classes. This not only extends the reach of my work but also allows folk to access the opportunities at a time and pace that suits them. My meditation through stitching online course and my new Kantha stitching course have proved popular and I will continue to build in opportunities to focus on stitch meditation as I go forward. I have just released my first 'stitching for well-being journal workbook' as part of the Kantha course and I hope to do more of this allowing folk to download and print so that their studies can be done away from the screen. There will always be a strong element of free resources within my work. Thank you for your interest in my practice and I hope that you might wander along with me from time to time.

Fiona xx

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