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The Workroom is a virtual space where Charlotte and I 'hang out'. Although we are over 200 miles apart, we chat regularly and share creative ideas for our own work. A few weeks back we were chatting about vintage haberdashery - under normal circumstances Charlotte does a bit of part time work in an antiques centre where she's tempted to spend all her earnings on the centre's lovely stuff. We were sharing ideas about this haberdashery, also about our common love of natural dyeing, and our squirrel-like tendencies related to teeny offcuts of fabric. Every now and then we like to do a wee project where we share an idea, and then put our own individual stamp on it. We decided to make a 'snippet roll' each. This involves taking an old cotton reel, we used large vintage wooden ones, and making a long strip of stitching, either onto a strip of fabric, or by joining snippets together. Charlotte is stitching tiny panels onto a strip of vintage linen. Most of the panels incorporate some of her own naturally dyed recycled fabrics. I'm working on the background for my roll, by joining snippets of fabric together. You can clearly see the differences between our interpretations and that is a huge part of the workroom dynamic. We might start from the same point but we rarely, if ever, finish at the same point.

I am still on my background and I am experimenting with angles making sure it still rolls back onto the bobbin. All of my snippets come from fabric that I have dyed from plants or from snippets of cloth left over from kits that has been dyed by Charlotte or Claire. I like to think of mine as a snippet journal and once the background is done I will reflect before deciding what to record in this journal. Both snippet rolls are still, very much, work in progress but it is a creatively rewarding stitching project and to be recommended. It is helpful to our minds at this time because it is something you can pick up and put down. I find that as soon as pick mine up I release some tension.

We've put together a free tutorial if anyone wants to have a go and needs instructions, you can find them on our coursecraft site via our Academy HERE.

More than that though Charlotte has put together a kit! In fact two slightly different kits - one vintage and one hand dyed. Poor Charlotte had to close her etsy store when she broke her ankle and couldn't get out to the PO. Healing is well underway now though and she can manage short drives to the PO. Her kit will be released at 3pm on Sunday 14th March on our etsy store HERE.

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