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Despite being very busy with the launch of the Stitched Stories Academy Charlotte and I have also been busy planning the next few months in the studio. The aim of the studio is to provide the project with an experimental space where others might join in the madness. It is also to provide some dedicated time for Charlotte and I to work on our own projects. Stitched Stories takes up a huge amount of our time now but we felt, moving into 2021, a better balance was needed.

Our current project actually began at the end of November last year. On the quiet, Charlotte and I buried a bundle each. The bundles were made up of fabric, rust pieces, leaves and other bits and bobs like onion skins. Charlotte lives on the Yorkshire Dales and so her bundle was buried there. I live on the Isle of Arran so my bundle was buried on the shore. We let the bundle and nature do what it wanted to do while we got this new website and all its elements ready to go. Last week we dug up our bundles.

Charlotte's results -

My results -

Not much leaf print detail for either of us but lots of marks and colour. Both Charlotte and I print a great deal in our work but Charlotte is, by far, the experienced one. She has kindly published a FREE tutorial in our academy on eco printing and I highly recommend it.

What to do next is the question? This is very precious fabric as it has taken a long while to get to this point. We are both, currently, mulling over our plans.

Moving forward the plan is to complete three more buried bundles. This first one was buried during winter so we shall complete spring, summer and autumn bundles and see what differences, if any, there is as a result of seasonal changes in the weather.

Meantime we have our February challenge already underway so more news on that soon. If you decide to bury a bundle do share your results on our Facebook page.

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