Introducing the Workroom

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Welcome to the Workroom, our virtual studio. At Stitched Stories we believe that studios can pop up anywhere and be what we make them. In the Workroom we want to encourage everyone to create studio spaces that suits them and their way of working. There are two resident makers in our Workroom, Charlotte Treglown and Fiona Doubleday. This is what they have to say -

'Our workroom is the place where we experiment with ideas and processes in order to create textile art that speaks of us. We work individually and collaboratively and we look forward to sharing our creative stories with you as well as working alongside you.'

The Workroom is operated as a blog updated regularly and available for all. From time to time we will welcome guest makers to the workroom to share their stories.

We hope you will pop by regularly to see what Charlotte and Fiona are up to.