A Studio in a Box

In our virtual studio we often ponder what makes a studio. It means different things to different people. Our workroom is virtual so we spend time on FaceTime sharing ideas, work in progress and finished pieces. Both of us are fortunate to have converted vans and they make brilliant mobile studios. This year I am going to be taking my van to different spaces on the island to stitch and share a little bit of the place I call home. We are moving on with our discussion and decreasing in size as we go. Charlotte has designed a 'studio in a box' which has the tools for a range of creative projects including stitching and mark making.

The lidded box is handmade from recycled cheese boxes, with botanical print (ecoprint) on top, The contain materials for both mark making and stitching.

Painting, writing, drawing, mark making selection includes -

little pad of recycled paper samples,



tube of watercolour paint

little corked bottle for water or ink

teeny plastic mixing tub

Sewing selection includes -

piece of hand dyed fabric

3" embroidery hoop


embroidery thread

vintage cotton reel with thread


needle and pins

These are limited editions and are available through Charlotte's Etsy Store. It would make a wonderful gift to yourself or others and a fabulous way to take your studio with you. Congratulations to Charlotte on a very special addition to the world of Stitched Stories & Ribble Recycled.

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