The schedule on this page is updated as often as necessary and includes details on the course, class, e-learning and tutor.  To access any of the virtual learning opportunities you just need to click on the links. Tutors have their own online leaning platforms that contain their courses.  

Academy Schedule

  • Little People Tutorial

    A FREE tutorial to accompany our little people kit available in our Etsy store.  

  • Heritage Stitching

    Create a needle case that speaks to your creative voice with this FREE tutorial.  Using heritage stitching practice we can connect with the past while being mindful of the present & future. 

  • BA634B36-DDBE-424F-B5E7-5EC79BCC0C45.jpe

    An introduction to Eco Printing

    Charlotte Treglown

    Printing with leaves.

  • E736056B-3C46-4DC9-BC51-74C101CCFE6C.png

    Meditation through Stitching

    This is a slow course dedicated to stitching for well-being.  It teaches you the skills required to use stitching as meditation.  Recommended duration - at least 6 months.  - Fiona Doubleday

  • CE986962-EA42-446F-9F72-D2CEE7D91A74.jpe

    Something from Almost Nothing - Book Projects

    This course shows you how to make new books from old ones, using other bits and bobs easily collected together. It can also be done on a tray on your lap if you don't have lots of space to work.

  • A stitched initial

    A FREE stitching exercise that brings together meditation and heritage stitching practice. 

  • 6FD6DA8C-8480-4EBC-A842-767A3B5CAC47.jpe

    Kantha Stitching

    This course has four lessons that take you through the cultural context of Kantha, into the stitching technique and onto two stitching projects.  - Fiona Doubleday

  • 6F43FD32-0AEF-446F-A469-D2831EBF3044.jpe

    Recycled Fabric Basket

    FREE tutorial from Charlotte Treglown.

  • 2DACAE1E-B9B8-499E-B8CE-858080903962.jpe

    Something from Almost Nothing - English Piecing Patchwork

    This course shows you how to recycled fabric with patchwork techniques - Charlotte Treglown

  • Textile Hoop Art

    A FREE tutorial from Fiona Doubleday on creating hoop textile art

  • B3030ABC-0B80-4016-A69C-3071FCBF6457_1_2

    COMING SOON - Establishing a Sketchbook Practice

    An introduction to establishing a sketchbook practice that is capable of supporting & inspiring your textile journey -  Fiona Doubleday 

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