A Year to recover & heal....

Some members are starting or continuing their 52 Stitched Stories journey in January 2021 by adopting the theme of recover and heal.  After a very challenging 2020 we would like to use our creative journey to support our well-being as life moves forward.  The project team will be offering a range of stitching activities aimed at supporting our creativity and wellbeing.  The aim is to encourage us all to explore the theme through our own individual thinking and creative journeys. However, in support of this, we will be offering activities that allow us to come together from time to time through the year.  We will run 'open calls' that respond to the theme of recover & heal so that members may be included in our online gallery.

We are also producing our brand new 'stitching envelopes' which are small, simple stitching exercises to help create a sense of calmness and joy in an ever-changing world.  We will be providing both real and virtual versions of envelopes.  Those of us with 'stashes' will be able to dive in and see what falls out but those of us that need materials can purchase our envelopes through our Etsy store.

Finally, we hope to offer some 'cuppa & chat' opportunities over zoom to meet members and find out a wee bit more about their postcard journey.  Let us move through 2021 'one stitch at a time.'