A Stitched Conversation

This is an experiment to test whether 'stitch' is a language capable of being read and interpreted.  We began in October 2020 with a member stitching a postcard in Cornwall.  The second member then saw the images of the work before making a stitched response which was then photographed ready for the next member.


We are travelling this project, virtually, from Cornwall up to the northern edge of Scotland before returning it to the home of Stitched Stories, the Isle of Arran.  Members are also completing a questionnaire about their own personal findings so we can archive the project.  The intention is to create a film of the 'stitched conversation'.  If possible, we might also be able to exhibit the conversation.  Keep up to date with the conversation on our Facebook page. 

Our stitched conversation is being coordinated from Judy.  


On this project we are not using any new cloth.  We are using cloth that has some meaning to us.  It might be repurposed from something else or a piece we have been holding onto for a while.